Cross-platform app development that sticks, using HTML+JS+REST+Go.
Not a JavaScript framework or a wrapper script — just a powerful new way to build great apps.
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A new approach to app development

Native features via REST endpoints

REST isn't just for cloud API's anymore — now you can access native device and platform code without leaving JavaScript. Popular API's include:

  • /glue/camera : take photos, record video, display preview window, configure camera settings
  • /glue/media : access camera roll, save photo/video
  • /glue/ibeacon : listen for iBeacons, handle background notifications, broadcast as a beacon
  • /glue/notifications : schedule notifications, react to push messages
<app> <camera-preview/> <button></button> </app>

Mobile web on the front end

Use the technologies you know and love: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, but without all the browser compatibility issues. Take advantage of the huge performance improvements on iOS 8 including hardware acceleration, WebGL, and no scrolling pauses.

Compatible with Meteor, Angular, React, Ember, Backbone, Knockout — or just plain old JQuery.

Drop into your app — or build one from scratch

Glue's native REST endpoints and Go backend can be accessed via HTTP from your existing app. Use what you like from our platform — no pressure!

Compatible with Ionic, Cordova, PhoneGap, AppGyver Steroids, and any WebView based app.

Easily extensible by adding new REST endpoints of your own — whether you're writing in Go, Swift, Java, Objective-C, or C++.

code once, run anywhere

Develop a single codebase

Stop decimating your productivity by developing in Java, Swift, or Objective C — each new feature or bug fix is literally just half the battle. Glue lets you develop your app once, in cross-platform languages, without sacrificing performance or UX.

Code what you know

Use the web technologies you already know and love, and let Glue fill the gap between you and the native operating system and device hardware.

Performance & Flexibility

Killer performance with the Go language

Develop your performance-critical code in Go, a natively compiled cross-platform language from Google. Call via REST and transcend the limitations of the web, without falling into the platform-specific rabbit hole.

Use Go for everything JavaScript can't do — photo effects, networking, audio filters, and so on.

Bypass Apple review

Instantly deploy app updates remotely via our cloud server. No more waiting 2 weeks for Apple to approve your bug fix!